Tips for wearing Wome'n Sandals

Most of the Women's love it when they wear open UNZE Evening sandals. However, you need to be very careful when you wear it. Because of its open shape, your feet will be more prominent and you do not want ugly feet in a beautiful pair of shoe. Mostly people do not care about their feet that how they will look. They just focus on the shape and Design of UNZE Women sandals and forget about their feet. Follow these simple but effective tips if you want good-looking feet.

 1.  Take care of cracks and cuts
When you are taking a shower, firstly give a quick look to your feet. If you have any type of cuts and blisters, apply any type of certified healing cream on them. These cuts can be a failure in your whole trendy look because they draw attention of people. Crack on feet looks very bad and it also gives a careless look of you. For cracks, you can apply balm on your feet at night.
2. Bad odor feet
People do not sit and stand with any person who have a bad odor. Stinky feet can embarrass you in front of other people. Do your best to keep them dirt-free and non-sweaty so that their smell does not embarrass you. If you have a problem of excess sweating then open sandal can help you in this matter. Air passing through the open area of shoes will keep your feet dry and sweat free. Slight exposure to air always helps.
 3. Right size of shoes
Always buy a correct size in shoes. Tight shoes can give a hard time to the fingers as well as in walking. In tight shoes, you can not able to move your feet. Likewise, loose pair of footwear also gives some problems. You do not walk in them either. Wear only right size of shoes.
4. Use moisturizer
You need to use moisturizer for your feet because they easily get dry. Dry feet look very odd and crack can also appear on them. There are many foot care creams are available in stores. You just need to buy an appropriate cream.
5. Nail care
Long nails can be very dangerous. Always trim them in a proper shape. After the shower, you can cut them easily because they get soft. Clean them on a daily basis.
6. Foot massage and pedicure
Give them a foot massage. It will help in proper blood circulation and at the end they will help in getting attractive feet. For the purpose of massage, you can get many creams from cosmetics stores. Pedicure is also very good for your feet and you can easily take that treatment at beauty salons.

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